Stone Battle- Exhibition of Portuguese natural stones

26. – 29. mayo 2021

Stone, exposure of Portuguese natural stones, It will be held at the Center Exposições of Batalha in Portugal. Every two years the importance of natural stone for interior design and decorative element is presented to an audience of qualified construction companies, architects and tradesmen. Visitors have the opportunity to meet the main types of natural stones, such as limestone, marble and granite. From machines and tools necessary for the treatment of stones to stones into blocks or slabs and finally finished products, such as soil, fireplaces or kitchen countertops, a wide range of products exhibited. The modern exhibition center, It is known as the center of largest private property in the Iberian Peninsula, It is an attractive place for exhibitions of all kinds. Parking is available in sufficient numbers.

The stone will take place in 4 days from Wednesday, 26. mayo a sábado, 29. mayo 2021 en Battle.